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One of the things we love to do is come up with new ways to use our pantry staples. Some might think granola is just for breakfast, right? We say: wrong! It is great for anytime of the day; and is a great addition to many dishes. For this reason we see our range of products as pantry staples, and we aim to show you just how versatile they are with recipes we have tried and tested for their deliciousness and increased healthy content. Click on an image to find a list of ingredients and the method we used to create it. Keep an eye on this page as our test kitchen continues to come up with new ideas! 

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Apple Crumble Muesli

Ingredients: (makes 1 delicious bowl) One serve Honey Toasted Granola approx 80gm 1 cup Organic Apple Juice 1 spoon Greek Youghurt Berries to top Place Granola in a serving dish and cover with juice. Leave in the fridge overnight to soak into oats. When ready to eat top with yoghurt and berries of choice. Enjoy!